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Move out/in Cleaning

Top Quality Move In Cleaning London

Experienced Move in Cleaners LondonMove in cleaning can be a very stressful and time-consuming venture. There are plenty of things you needed to take care of in your old place and you haven’t even started moving into the new one yet. The accommodation is awesome, but it needs a good scrub just like your old one did. Is there no end to it? There is! We’re called Susan’s Tenancy Helpers for a reason.

With the move out cleaning team, you can rest assured the property you’re vacating will be left spotless and you’ll reclaim your deposit, while the move in cleaning London team will clean and prepare your new home for your arrival. We’ve been cleaning accommodations in all shapes and sizes for years, always delivering high quality pre-tenancy cleaning services and achieving excellent results. But don’t just take our word for it. You can have a look at our testimonials page and read some comments a few of our clients have shared.

Differences between Our Pre-tenancy and End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

There are various differences between pre-tenancy cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning. Some of them are obvious, and some are a bit more subtle but in the interest of clarity and transparency we’ll point them out right now.

End of tenancy cleaning is the main service we provide to tenants vacating the premises. It’s the mother of all cleaning services coming with the highest level of cleaning detail. It is also accompanied by a 48-hour guarantee that you will get your deposit back. A premium 7-day guarantee is available for this service for additional price.

Note: our guarantee doesn’t cover any damages you might have inflicted on the property, just cleaning.

Pre-tenancy cleaning is the service we provide when you’re moving in. It has the same level of depth and cleaning detail as the end of tenancy service, but it’s performed before you move into a new property for your safety, comfort, and satisfaction. You can rest assured you will be moving into a pristine domestic environment. The move in cleaning experts will make sure of that. In fact, we can guarantee it. If you want to move into a perfectly clean new home, this is the service for you!


The Benefits Of Our Move In Cleaning Services

The best part of the move in services is that the cleaners you hire have experience and know exactly what to do and how to do it. You can freely discuss any part of the process and any additional details with the staff, so that they can meet your requirements promptly and accurately. The staff members do this for both tenants and landlords and are ready to accommodate any specific requirements you may have. Whether it is to tidy up after the previous tenants move out, before your new tenants move in or if you're a tenant - to assist you with cleaning your rented property. You can easily benefit from these services and make your cleaning process easier, faster and stress-free. All you have to do is book a service and afterwards, you'll be able to enjoy your move in cleaning, instead of thinking of it as an annoyance.

More Reasons to Choose our Pre-Tenancy Cleaning in London

Every pre-tenancy cleaning service we offer comes at some of the lowest prices London has to offer and is individually tailored according to the needs of the customer it will be provided to. We take great care of our customers. In order to make sure the property you are moving in is a healthy and clean living place, we follow a step by step cleaning procedure.

  • Carpets and upholstery will be vacuum cleaned, hard floors mopped and polished, and hard surfaces and furniture dusted off
  • We will pay special attention to kitchen tops and cupboards, and will clean fridge, freezer and oven
  • The cleaners will deep clean and sanitize toilet, sink and bathtub

The move in cleaning London team delivers spotless property within your budget. And some of the other benefits you will enjoy also include:

  • Variety of booking slots - you can schedule our service Mondays to Sundays, and even evenings
  • Environmentally safe service - to protect your health and the environment, we use non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Special deals - to enjoy additional discounts, order additional services. For example, book move in cleaning along with carpet cleaning, to make sure the soft flooring will be steam cleaned and free of allergens
  • Professional equipment - we use cutting edge cleaning tools and powerful stain removers for stains left by ink, make-up, food, coffee, and more for best results

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